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Help - being forced to use IE 6 SP1!

I actually have no idea how to respond to this email. On one hand, it’s fucking hilarious. 

On the other hand, this is our shiny new medical plan company wide. For, you know, being able to visit the doctor and stuff. 

Very open to helpful suggestions. 

Dear Mr. Lambert,

Thank you for your interest in BlueLink and/or our BC Life Enrollment website.

Before we begin please make sure that your PC has Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, Service Pack 1 with 128-bit encryption capability and an Internet connection capable of secure web browsing (https).  If your PC does not meet these system requirement we will not be able to provide you with BlueLink access.

If your PC does meet these system requirements we can proceed.  Please fill in the attached form and return to me.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

«Introductory Email.xls»


I’ve been referencing this video for a month and finally found it. 

There’s something incredibly uplifting in the idea that tenacity trumps all. See also Paul Graham’s What Startups Are Really Like point 5, “Persistence Is the Key”

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This was so much fun, thanks so much to everyone who came and listened. 

This was so much fun, thanks so much to everyone who came and listened. 

Neat Scala null -> option idiom

Working with Java APIs in Scala? Things potentially being null when you wish they were None? 

I had this problem working with servlets… request.getQueryString returns null if there is no query string in the url (as opposed to an empty string) and without explicating checking for nulls (a good 3-4 lines of clutter), the code throws an unhelpful null pointer exception. Turns out Option(value) does exactly the type of conversion I want: a Some[return type] or None if it’s null. 

so checking for null conditional (4-5 lines) becomes a single line: 

val queryString = Option(request.getQueryString).getOrElse(throw new NotLoggedInException)


Jobs on organization core values and what marketing is really about. I actually saw this video a long time ago and have been wanting to find it many times since. It surfaced in the wake of the news so i’m logging it here. 

"Here’s to the Crazy Ones" narrated by Steve Jobs himself. Never aired. By far the most touching of all Steve tributes I’ve seen tonight - fair warning.